We carry a wide range of spectacle frame styles for men and ladies and children.  We try our hardest to cater for all tastes and budgets. 


As far as lenses are concerned we have been awarded Varilux Specialist status, and therefore favour Essilor lenses.  These are good quality lenses that not only look good in your chosen frame, but perform well and fulfill all your visual needs, so whether single vision or photochromic mid index varifocals, we can provide it. We also have our own in-house glazing lab that means a faster service.   

The four main lens types are:

        Single vision lenses.
        For correction of long or short sightedness.

        Bifocal lenses.
        For correction of both distance and near vision.

        Varifocal lenses.
        For the correction of distance, near vision with additional correction for intermediate vision.


Occupational lenses.

These lenses have the focal length set for specific working distances, and are usually used for computer users.

    All lenses are available with a range of added features and benefits these include:

        Scratch resistant coating
        A clear coating on the lens to help protect against scratching for day-to-day use.

        Anti reflection coating
        This coating allows more light to travel through the lens and into the eye, reducing glare and reflection.  It is especially useful to drivers and VDU operators.

        Photochromic lenses
        These lenses use light to darken in bright conditions (outside) and lighten in darker environments (indoors).  These are very useful if you don't want to carry a dedicated pair of prescription sunglasses.

        High and Mid Index lenses
        Increasing the index of the lens material improves the cosmetic look of your spectacles and decreases the weight.

        Polycarbonate Lenses
        More robust, thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses

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