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Queree Optometrists is an independent opticians practice, situated in the heart of Gorey Village on the east coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands. We believe in providing a comprehensive service tailored to your individual needs.

No two customers are alike. Everyone has their own ideas and needs where glasses and contact lenses are concerned. This is why we offer thorough and competent personal advice and a close relationship with our customers. We put this into effect with our experienced team of Dispensing Opticians and Optometrists, to give an extensive range of services, from eye tests to spectacle repairs.

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Frequently asked questions...

How often should I have my eyes examined?

Most people need an eye examination every two years. Certain groups of people e.g. older patients or those with a family history of eye disease may require more frequent appointments than this and your Optometrist will advise you accordingly.

Will my eyes get worse by wearing my glasses too much?

No. A common misconception is that when you start wearing reading glasses they make your eyes deteriorate – unfortunately once your reading vision begins to deteriorate (usually during your 40’s or 50’s) it will continue to deteriorate due to natural changes in the eye, regardless of whether or how much you wear your glasses. A bit like getting grey hair or wrinkles – it is an aging process caused by the lens inside your eye growing larger and becoming less flexible. However, the changes in prescription should eventually slow down and plateau.

Can a contact lens get lost behind the eye?

For new contact lens wearers, a common worry is that a lens will become dislodged, and potentially move behind the eye and become stuck. Although it’s possible for a contact lens to get stuck to the surface of your eye or sometimes under the eyelid (usually a soft lens), the good news is that there’s simply no way it can get lost, or trapped at the back. The anatomy of the eye itself acts as a barrier, which ensures that the lens will always remain on the surface, so you should be able to quickly and easily retrieve it. If you do have a problem removing it, your optometrist can help.