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Man wearing designer eyewear


The latest designer frames are available from our in-store range, or can be ordered if you know exactly what you are looking for.


If you’re not sure what you want why not let our experienced team help you make the decision. Drop in to browse our selection and try some on for size. We also provide prescription lenses for sunglasses, which are also available in many designer brands, giving you great style and service in one go.

After care is important to us, so we advise our patients to call in whenever needed to see one of our dispensers to have adjustments carried out to keep frames fitting correctly.

Women wearing sunglasses
Women wearing stylish sunglasses outside
Women wearing a hat and stylish sunglasses


As independent opticians we can access a wide range of lens designs and are free to select the best products from any manufacturer we choose. We offer advanced lenses at sensible prices and a bespoke, personal service, using well-respected, quality products. We will advise on the best lenses and coatings for your visual needs and lifestyle.

Protecting Anti-Reflextion coated lenses

Protecting Anti-Reflection Coated lenses

Spectacles perform significantly better with an Anti-Reflection Coat in many situations e.g. computer use, driving at night and working in environments with fluorescent/bright lighting.

They also give spectacles a better appearance as your eyes will be more visible behind the lenses.


However, they need looking after! The following advice will help to you to do this:

  • Always clean your lenses with a microfibre cloth – never use tissues or your clothing as this can damage the coating.

  • Never clean your lenses with alcohol or alcohol-based soaps as this will strip away the coating.

  • Never leave your glasses in extreme temperatures – the main culprit here is a hot car. This will degrade the coating. If you really have to, make sure the spectacles are in a case and the car parked in shade if possible.  Those people who work in hot environments e.g. restaurant kitchen staff also need to be more careful.

Quality Eyewear

Continuing development in lens technology means most lenses can be made thinner and lighter giving improved comfort and durability, especially when combined with anti-reflection and scratch-resistant coatings.

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